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Private Voice: Ages 5 and up
    30 minutes - $30
    45 minutes - $40
     1 hour - $50

Private Dance: Ages 3 and up
  **Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Music Theater, Beginning Movement, Movement for Actors**

      45 min - $30  

Music Theater Lessons: Age 9 to Adult
  **This class incorporates all facets of Musical Theater including dance, acting, singing, acting a song, auditioning, and more.**

   1 hour - $50

Audition Workshop: Age 9 to Adult
  **This class is for students and adults who are auditioning for plays and musicals.  Andrea is well-versed in all types of auditions and has a multitude of experience successfully auditioning for Broadway, Regional Theater, Cruise Lines, Disney, and more.
**Class includes song choice, creating an audition book, what to wear, table talk, acting a song, callback prep, etc.**
**Audition coaching is IMPERATIVE for any actor wanting to work professionally in the business.  This is Andrea’s FAVORITE thing to teach and her students have been extremely successful and ALWAYS fully prepared for all auditions!  
Theater: ages 9 and up

1 LESSON: $50/hour

Basic Piano: Ages 5 and up
**Piano lessons include sight-reading.**

    30 minutes - $25
    45 minutes - $35
     1 hour - $45

Clarinet: Ages 9 and up
Bassoon: Ages 12 and up
Ukulele: Ages 9 and up
**Andrea is an advanced musician and has over 15 years of experience in various instruments.  
**Instrument must be provided.

     30 minutes - $25
    45 minutes - $35
     1 hour - $45

Song-Writing: Ages 9 and up
**This is a one-on-one lesson offered for any student interested in writing music.  Lesson includes composition, lyric-writing, exercises, theme work, writing for voice/piano/orchestra/band/choir, arranging, and more. 

      1 hour - $30

Andrea is a professional performer who has worked as a singer, dancer, actor, choreographer, director, and music director in the entertainment business for 5+ years.  She holds a degree in Theater, with a minor in Dance and was a part of Northwestern University’s renowned Music Theater Program for 2 years.  After college, Andrea spent 3 years rocking the audition scene in New York City.  During her time in NYC, she worked for Royal Caribbean, Theatreworks USA, Next Stage Theater Rep, and was a part of numerous NY workshops for new musicals.  Andrea can also be seen as a featured dancer on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. 

For the last three years, Andrea has been working full-time at Walt Disney World starring as Nemo in Finding Nemo the Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom. 

Alongside her performance career, Andrea has continued teaching and creating.  She works as a professional choreographer and travels across the country choreographing for show choirs, youth theater productions, and dance companies.  She has taught voice, acting, and audition workshops/lessons in New York, Chicago, Oregon, Louisiana, and Florida. 

Andrea has Music Directed/Vocal Directed multiple shows in the Orlando area.  She also directs and choreographs shows with the Teen Music Theater of Oregon.

Andrea has over 10 years of teaching experience in dance, voice, theater, and instruments.  Her passion for teaching is apparent in all that she does.  Because of her extensive professional experience in the entertainment world, Andrea is extremely knowledgeable in all fields of performance.  She specializes in audition preparation and music theater techniques. 

Andrea is currently offering local lessons in Southern Oregon.  She is also available for intensives and workshops anywhere across the US.  Skype sessions are also offered for audition preparation.

Lesson Offerings
hopscotch lesson co.

Andrea teaches private lessons through her company Hopscotch Lesson Co.

Lesson offerings include: voice, piano, clarinet, bassoon, ukulele, Musical Theater acting, song-writing, private dance (ballet, tap, jazz, etc.) and her most popular offering - Audition Workshops.

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